A Wardrobe Conversation


Last night I met with bestie bloggers Helen (left) and Kimberley (right), creators of Wardrobe Conversations, my new favourite power couple of the fashion world! Here they are testing out their glitter photo booth at the launch of  the Wear Eponymous ‘Wardrobe’ at The Fort, a fabulous wee pop-up boutique showcasing Scottish designers; much like Scotland Redesigned : Limited Edition where I work, but instead focused on Glasgow, the ultimate Scottish city of style.

So what made you want to create the wonderful Wardrobe Conversations blog?      

It started as a sort of excuse to get together, as we live in different places, so it’s out reason to meet up regularly. We both love fashion and wanted to do something creative together. From then it just kept growing, and it feels like the blog has moved on so much in such a short time.It basically become our second jobs sand takes up a lot of our time but we have a lot of fun doing it.

Do you find it difficult to motivate yourselves to keep blogging? As I know it can be difficult to update so regularly!                

Well thats why its so great having the two o us. Previously we had separate sites but when we joined we can kick each other up the bum and get on with it! At the moment we’re so busy with events and projects that we tend to schedule our regular outfit posts well in advance.

And with it being a joint venture, do you take it in turns to post, or always collaborate?    

We tend  to get together one weekend a month to shoot several things as two, and we also have wish lists and stuff like that so we can post separately, but of course everything is done in collaboration with each other. Our novel way of deciding themes is that whoever has to travel and log things about gets to choose what we do! We are both from the same hometown s can multitask with visiting family. Around blogging we of course eat our way through mountains of cake (anyone who bakes we are friends with) ! Oh and it’s also kind of organically grown that we’ve formed a sort of girl group with bloggers Miss Vicky Viola and Miss Westend Girl and do things like our Halloween video.

What’s your part to play in the Wardrobe pop-up here in Glasgow?    

We worked with Wear Eponymous before doing a style video for them. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4As6AS6wpsU) It seemed like fate that we are WARDROBE conversations and this is the WARDROBE ! so we though we would get involved by doing a Photo Booth so people  could share what they love about the project. We love the team here and all the designers are wonderful, like Naro Mode and Katie Lees, so it’s definitely the perfect place for a bit of Christmas shopping. (The Wardrobe is open until Hogmany)

And finally, why do you think people should Shop Small and support Scottish designers?

Because we’re awesome! Yeah, its just more special, you can hear from the designers themselves, it’s much more ethical and just great to celebrate local talent rather than the usual high-street giants!





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