Au Revoir France, Bonjour UK!

Jane Curtain (3)  Yesterday I chatted with Jeanne Rideau, a french fashion blogger ( currently studying at Heriot Watt University right here in Edinburgh. I was lucky enough to meet her through the Edinburgh bloggers community, as we were both interested in writing posts about style from both sides of the channel.

We met in Costa near where I work at New Look, at first unaware we were 10ft away from each other before finally approaching! (It can be awkward this interviewing business!) What struck me immediately was Jeannes’s  stunning beauty. Perfect olive skin paired with flawless brown ringlets and an outfit that looked like it came straight off a mannequin at The Kooples. Quite frankly I felt a little insecure in my tartan leggings! But we got to talking over cups of tea about elements of Scottish fashion, like tartan, brightly coloured hair and doc martens, which she admires and class you seldom see in France.

Hailing from Nantes herself, Jeanne observed differences in style throughout the country, from laid back modest looks in the south, to the infamous nonchalant tailored styles of Paris. I told her about the variations within the Uk too, such as the more experimental Glaswegians, to the vintage-inspired fashionistas of Brighton and the quintessentially British street stylers in London.

Overall Jeanne adores Scotland with its inspirational landscapes and friendly folk, and enjoys shopping at Primark & Topshop, reading Vanity Fair and scoping for inspiration on Pinterest. I recommend you check out her blog, which I will be popping up on soon; the interviewer becomes the interviewee!


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