Farah’s Fashion Fix

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  Finally I have secured a quick interview with the beautiful Farah , a.k.a creator of superb blog Faz Fashion Diary – click to explore! A social
media butterfly,  multiple industry award-winner, and above all a down-to-earth young woman, Farah is certainly one to watch!

1. Would you rather be well dressed or have perfect hair & make-up? Which one would you give up if you had to?
I would love to have perfect hair and make up… as a fashion lover I can always DIY to make myself look the way I want. To have perfect hair and make up is hard and needed as my hair has a world of its own.
2. Who is your favourite designer and why?
I do not have a favourite designer as I like different things about different designers from the Middle East to the United States. It all depends. If its for gowns then I have to say Ellie Saab who creates divine dresses of dreams. If its best on textile, right now I am in love with Holly Fulton. If its based on bags, that would be really hard because I love too man!. When it comes to designers, I always look at the creativity behind it and the hard work put into it. If we are talking about wild and mad stuff I would say Obscure Couture.
3. What kind of fashion blogs do you think find success?
I find those who are true to themselves are the best as well as creative. I also find those who educate people on different things within fashion are high on the levels of success. I look at bloggers like Nadya Hasan from the The Fierce Diaries to Sheri Scott from Forever Yours Betty are unique and creative. They found those things that make the unique and stick with it.
4. Is it more important to do what you love or make money?
I believe in doing what you love, it sometimes can make you more money than you can imagine.
5. What would your perfect playlist consist of?
I listen to all kinds of music, all depending on my mood. Marc Anthony , Jennifer Lopez, Elvis Presley, Ward Thomas, and more.
6. If you find yourself in a creative block, how do you get inspiration/motivation?
I look into reading more and learning more. When I have a creative block, I look at fashion through the decades, watch Calamity Jane or Singing in the rain or sometimes just watch fashion shows from Jonathan Saunders, Christopher Kane and more.
7. You’re trapped on a desert island with only 3 essential items, what would they be?
Water, I need a ipod with unlimited battery and a pair of good shoes to handle the heat.
8. What’s your stance on the ‘thrift shop’ fashion movement?
Its wonderful, I am always at some vintage shop in Edinburgh and Glasgow. It makes fashion unique. I always wait for the Edinburgh Vintage Fair to come to town so I can find some goodies to add to my craziness.
9.  Catwalk proportions or curves to kill? What do you think about the size 0 debate?
I am a girl who loves the curves to kill. I am completely against the size 0 on the catwalk as I really don’t see that as attractive or a good example for young girls. Girls today have become more aware of things they can do to be thinner due to seeing catwalks and models in magazines. I read stories of girls doing things to stay skinny and end up with sociological problems when they grow up about their weight.
10. How can people make every day a stylish one?
I think you could make everyday stylish by trying to mix up what you wear and be daring. Also dress for your body and not for trend all the time, because the trend might not make you look stylish.

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