The Xile Takeover

  This wxile_edinburgh_design_02eek I spoke to Andrew Ainslie, a denim expert at Xile Clothing, providing on-trend menswear by independent designers and big brands to Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the world! Shop online at .



So, how long have you worked for the Scottish clothing company Xile?

Since I was just 16, so about seven years now! Growing up, my brother had worked with Cruise and G-star in their early days, everyone knows eachother so I was brought up in that circle.

Awesome! Can you describe an average day of yours?

There’s not really a typical one, I really get to try my hand at everything; meeting with buyers and other companies, creating displays, general shop floor duties, getting to know shiploads of customers!

And who would you say are your major audience?

It depends really, I mean Xile used to be better known for casual and sportswear but nowadays it is much broader, although we still have brands like Luke and Fred Perry. We get customers from all over the place and have a big social media following. Since moving from Prince’s Mall to Frederick Street, business has been through the roof and Xile attracts so many fashionable people.  in Edinburgh.

What do you think is the best part of the job? And the worst?!

I love the fact that it’s all independent; seriously a much better experience than working for a big chain, with loads of personality. We get to meet the designers and brand representatives and can really get excited about what we’re selling. I’d say obviously working in retail has it’s pitfalls, like long hours and brutal weekends!

Why should people shop at Xile over other stores?

Xile is a bit of an institution; 30 years old and growing. We’re ahead of the grapevine and find ways to innovate. Xile’s stocked brands are all great, such as Headwin, Billionaire Boys Club, Gourmet, G-Star, Angel Pixie Love, & Common People.

You’re a self-proclaimed denim expert- how do you help people find that perfect pair of jeans?

Well I’d say Xile has the biggest jean selection in Edinburgh, with a huge range of fits, brands and prices. It’s all about making sure people are 100% comfortable with the denim they’re investing in, and that they feel as well as look great. We also do ‘Rip and Repair’ where our inhouse tailor can fix up your old tattered jeans, and with Replay we do a promotion where you can customise brand new denims.




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