The Xile Takeover

  This wxile_edinburgh_design_02eek I spoke to Andrew Ainslie, a denim expert at Xile Clothing, providing on-trend menswear by independent designers and big brands to Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the world! Shop online at .



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A Yoga Goddess

LINDA Where do I start with Linda Douglas? Quite simply an utter inspiration to me; with our insightful interview I found out more about her fascinating yogi journey after attending her Ashtanga classes at Dance Base for months. Discover more on her website and watch her incredible practise here:

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Ginger Vibes

Tgingerrrrhe wannabee journo strikes again! An interview with Donna Strachan, creator of genius gift brand Ingingerness, shows that with enough passion and creativity, your ideas can come to life. Donna designs unique creatures, all ginger of course, as she aims to help disadvantaged children find their inner artist. Check out the gorgeous new product range  at  !

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