Loving Bethany Jane

Exclusive! Get your exclusive interview! This week I spoke with Bethany Jane Wood, a graphic design student in England who, at just 16 years old, plans to start a kitcsh accesories empire! The new brand Loving Dot (named after her adorable Jack Russell) is open for business, selling handmade mirrors, phone cases, nail art and more. Find Bethany on instagram and pinterest  @loving_dot.

Tea and cake at Cuckoo’s Bakery

St-Andrews-Day-Cupcake-300x272This week I talked to lovely Vidya, co-founder of the famous Cuckoo’s Bakery. This adorable Edinburgh café has jumped on the cupcake bandwagon, offering unique flavours on bespoke cutlery with premium coffee.  If you are a Cuckoo cupcake virgin, I strongly urge you to head down to Dundas st, or visit their website where you can even order these beauties straight to your door. Entrepeneurs take note- heres some serious inspiration.

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The voice of Anna McLuckie


I’m sure you all recognize the name Anna McLuckie by now. This talented singer and harpist debuted on BBC’s The Voice and has since become a YouTube sensation. (Over a million views in a matter of days!) I am lucky-no pun intended- enough to get to see her most days at school, and am so proud of what’s she has achieved- she deserves the recognition for her beautiful music. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Anna on The Voice; Keep watching everyone!

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From Pigs on Leads to Karl Lagerfeld


Marie Owen is the founder of Location Scotland,which  has grown to become the country’s largest and most experienced stills and motion production company. They provide everything from locations to props and equipment for a huge variety of clients, including Chanel and Marie Claire. She invited me into their stunning studio to talk about fashionable photoshoots, office style and advice for budding businesswomen
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